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MFT Assessment Data

2023 MS Data

2023 PhD Data

Marriage and Family Therapist Workforce Study 2022

AAMFT partnered with Mckinley Advisors to conduct an industry workforce study that better helps us understand how the changes made in MFT have impacted the industry. The results and insights of thousands of MFTs are attached here.
application/pdf: 20/b6/7145577c4979a62f963ebfa074cb/marriage-and-family-therapist-workforce-study-2022-2.pdf

AAMFT National Conference

Recent MFT Grad Students were recently given the opportunity to present at the AAMFT National Conference.

Dr. Jonathan Sandberg

Dr. Jonathan Sandberg was awarded the Wesley P. Lloyd Award for distinction in graduate education. This award is given to a member of the graduate faculty who has distinguished herself or himself by exemplary performance in teaching, research/creative work, and citizenship. Jonathan serves as the current program director for BYU's Marriage and Family Therapy graduate programs and has mentored over 100 students during his 10 years here.

national conference for AAMFT

BYU MFT is dedicated to experiential learning opportunities. Last year, the national conference for AAMFT was held in Atlanta. Students and faculty enjoyed a day learning more about civil rights by exploring the Martin Luther King Jr home and other areas.