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CHAMPS: Changing Hearts and Minds in Relationships & CHAMPS+

CHAMPS is a multi-method state-of-the-science and state-of-the-art investigation of emotional regulation and therapy processes across the first 4 sessions, including measures of daily couple functioning (self-report, heart rate, and movement/accelerometer measures), pre-/post-study self-reports, pre-/post-study couple fMRI, in-session couple and therapist physiology, in-session couple and therapist behaviors, and post-study semi-structured qualitative interviews.

CHAMPS+ is an extension of CHAMPS (described above), focusing on the experiences and preparedness of the therapist over the course of the first 4 couple therapy sessions, including a randomized assignment to mindfulness groups. Includes measures of daily self-report, pre-/post-self-report, pre-session self-report, in-session physiology, in-session behaviors, post-session perception analysis.

Students will be involved in participant recruitment, ensuring fidelity to study protocols, data collection, and data management. For more information, go to:

Research Faculty: Lee Johnson, Angela Bradford