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Application Deadline

The BYU MFT graduate studies application deadline each year is December 1stAll materials must be received by that date in order for the application to be considered for admission for the following fall semester. Online application is required and can be accessed through the BYU Graduate Studies online application page. Each applicant must complete the GRE in order to be considered for the program. All of our candidates for admission are reviewed once a year and at the same time. This occurs during December, January, and February of the year that admission is desired, and final decisions are made on or before March 1st of each year. Newly admitted graduate students begin their MFT graduate program in the Fall Semester of that year.

**In addition to the guidelines for the grad school Statement of Intent, we would also like students to include the following prompt in their statement of intent:

Which aspect of the BYU Mission and Aims is most compelling to you as you consider graduate work at BYU?




Admission Criteria

In general, successful applicants to our program have the following:

310 combined verbal & quantitative GRE score

4.5+ writing GRE score

3.5+ cumulative GPA (for upper division coursework)

3 Strong Letters of Recommendation from faculty, mentors, and/or work supervisors who know them well and can attest to their ability to be successful. (We recommend at least 2 come from faculty if possible.)

Strong Statement of Intent with clear goals and reasons for wanting to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and study at BYU.

**Also answer** Which aspect of the BYU Mission and Aims is most compelling to you as you consider graduate work at BYU?

Some experience within a 1) Human Services and/or Clinical Context    OR    2) Research Experience under the direction of any faculty mentor or within the context of a class (Note: Please, do not list church mission experiences here)

Selection Process and Interview

Selection Process:

December 1st at 10:00pm MT Application Deadline


MFT Faculty will evaluate the following:

  1. Grade point average (GPA) overall and for the last (up to) sixty hours of upper division coursework
  2. The verbal and quantitative scores of the general Graduate Record Exam (GRE) as well as the written GRE score
  3. Three *letters of recommendation, preferably from faculty who know you well and can speak to your potential success in graduate school. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Applicants do not have the option of selecting "Offline" as an option for their recommender. All letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically.

  1. A strong statement of intent explaining your interest and goals in MFT as well as your particular interest in studying at BYU. Answer: Which aspect of the BYU Mission and Aims is most compelling to you as you consider graduate work at BYU?
  2. Resume/Additional BYU MFT Document: List out 1) Human Experience and/or Clinical Experience and 2) Research Experience

EXAMPLE (Please state when and where if relevant)

Research Experience

Non-Scholarly Papers (e.g. a research paper written for a class)

Scholarly Papers (i.e. submitted to a peer-reviewed journal)

Research Positions (e.g. data entry, 403R, mentored student research)

Research-focused course in which you create/carry out research

Human Services Experience

Clinical Experience (e.g. psych tech, intern in clinical setting)

Teaching Experience

Volunteer Experiences (e.g. regularly volunteering in a soup kitchen)

  1. (Optional) A resume/vita summarizing all work and research experience and goals




Individuals who match our initial criteria will be invited to interview on February 11 (MS) and February 15 (PhD).

Individuals who haven't been selected to interview will be notified by the graduate sdchool.



The interview process is a half day campus visit (typically 8:00-1:00 or 12:00-5:00). It includes an introduction to our programs, meeting with current students, and interviews with faculty.

By March 1st

After the interviews, each faculty makes his/her own selection of students with the advice and consent of the other MFT faculty. Faculty decisions are based primarily on the perceived "fit" between a student's interests and the interests of the individual faculty member. Each of the nine faculty members will usually select one or two new students each year depending upon the number of students graduating for a total of 9-12 students admitted each year to the MS program and about 5-7 to the PhD Program. We have developed this selection process as our way of establishing a close working relationship between faculty and students early in the graduate program. This selection process also represents a commitment by the faculty to the progress and success of each student.